Travel Throwback to Ostia, Italy

This is, if you will, a throwback Thursday post about a previous trip of mine!  In January 2014, I went on a study-abroad course to Europe for a philosophy course.  As a philosophy minor, the course itself was pretty exciting and I nerded out on the fact that I’d get to be in the very physical locations of all of these great thinkers like Danté Alighieri, Galileo Galilee, C.S. Lewis, and many more.  Looking through these photos makes all the nervous excitement come flooding right back.
This trip was three weeks along and we visited Ostia, Rome, Pisa and Florence in Italy; Paris and the Palace of Versailles in France, London and Oxford in England, and Dublin in Ireland.  This is, without a doubt, my absolute favorite trip.  It was also the first time I left the North American continent!  I have visited Canada once before, but I otherwise have never been out of the country.
My only regret on this trip is that I did not get more photos of myself in all the great places I visited.  As I have mentioned in my first post, I do not have the most positive perspective when it comes to my self-image.  This is especially so in seeing photos of myself compared to looking in the mirror.  I definitely want to take more photos of myself whenever I go on big trips like this, even if I do not feel the best about my appearance that day.
Anyway, here is the photodump and the stories behind them for my Ostea, Italy visit:

Ostia is an old, old abandoned city near the coast just southwest of Rome.  Ostia was built in the third century: that is 2 A.D.!  The coverings seen over the brick in the third photo are to help preserve the structures and keep them from wearing down too fast, as this city is an archaeological site.  Read more about Ostia here


This isn’t Ostia, but it was in this walled village on the way to the entrance of Ostia!  Spot the kitty in the photo.


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