Room Tour! (March 2018)

éI waited for a day of sunshine to take these photos because I feel like the best room atmosphere is when I have bright daylight shining through my blinds! I rent out the master suite in a six bedroom home that was constructed in late 2016. When I first moved in, I only had my clothes, my framed pictures, small college knick-knacks, and my bed! I didn’t have any other furniture or belongings to begin with. But I have acquired more furniture over time to curate my dream bedroom, so please take a look below!

View from the double door bedroom entrance!  Imagine just the bed and wall décor being here – that was all that I had in here when I first moved in!  All of the white furniture are from the IKEA Hemnes series!
I call this my catch-all table because I place a lot of essential items here that I grab on my way out.  I have cutesy memorabilia from vacations and trips on this table too.
Kitty corner view from the double door entrance!  Full-frontal view of my table (donation from a family friend) and my 50″ TV placed on my IKEA Hemnes dresser.  I actually got the TV for under $300 from a Target clearance sale, so I’m really proud of that fact!
Close-up on the corner diagonally opposite my entrance doors: essentially my reading corner on nice, quiet afternoons and evenings.  The iron hanging on the wall is from Michaels, the chair is from Target, the lamp a donation from a family friend, and the bedside table from IKEA as part of their Hemnes series.
My desk!  It’s from IKEA as well (Hemnes again hehe), chair is from IKEA, pencil holder is from Target, Himalayan salt lamp & miniature zen fountain from a mall chain store Fireworks, and amethyst coaster from Anthropologie.
The fourth corner to my room!  The bookshelves in my room are donations from a family friend, second iron hanging is from Michaels, and then my little Dita Von Teese shrine are from when I met her in person for her The Art of the Teese show in Seattle!  The Your Beauty Mark book I purchased from Amazon.  Doorway is the entrance to the en suite bathroom!
Fourth corner view of my bedroom!  I just love the way the daylight comes through these blinds!  The ottoman at the end of my bed doubles as storage and is from Target!
One view of my bathroom!  I love having the his-and-her sinks and all of that mirror for doing my hair and make-up.  It’s fun to gather up my roommates in here to do each other’s make-up and hair.
My blinds are partially open for my plants, and the view is to the fenced backyard!  I also love having the separate standing shower.
Doorway entrance to my huge underused walk-in closet!
It’s organized but mostly empty!
Honestly, I think it’s big enough to throw a twin-sized bed in here.  I wish I had more clothes to use in here, but I am too good about purging my closet of clothes I do not wear anymore!


And that is my master bedroom and en suite bathroom tour of my current living situation!  I will be moving to an apartment in the Capitol Hill neighborhood in Seattle this summer, so I am really glad I documented this while I still have my arrangement!

Hope you enjoyed the photos!




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