Volunteer Park Conservatory

This past Sunday, I visited the Volunteer Park Conservatory in Capitol Hill! Parking at Volunteer Park is free, but visiting the conservatory is $4 per adult. Their admission tickets are also discounted for youth and seniors.

I didn’t keep a list of all the plants I took pictures of, but the conservatory does have signs by all of their plants! This place is one of my favorite places to visit. The greenhouse is modeled after London’s Crystal Palace and was originally built in 1912 (their website). I didn’t think to take a photo of the conservatory building from the outside, but their website has a photo and more information about the conservatory’s history!

This place is an absolute dream to visit, and I love seeing the vibrant colors of all of their plants. Definitely one of my top favorite spring/summer visits!

Just a heads-up: portraits are not allowed in the conservatory, as they do not want photographers/people to block off the pathways or have a ton of photographers/people swarm the place.  I managed to sneak a few with my friend using my cell phone, but you do risk getting kicked out if you are caught.
They do allow casual photos of their plants (with your DSLR or your cell phone), but the organizers do not want photographers inconveniencing other conservatory visitors.  I write this because there were two photographers with their DSLR cameras out and their three models who seemed to be in disbelief that the conservatory has a no portraits rule, while my two friends and I were already having a hard time just getting around their group to purchase our admission tickets.  The conservatory is a beautiful places – just know that taking portraits inside is against their policy!


All photos were taken with my iPhone X.


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