Throwback Thursday: Meeting Celebrities!

This past weekend, I got to meet burlesque super star, Dita Von Teese, after her Absolut Elyx show with The Copper Coupe!  I also got to meet and take a photo with her a year ago after her The Art of the Teese show, which was my first time meeting her.
I had made the mistake of waiting in line for the restroom at intermission last year.  Not only was the line to the basement bathroom incredibly long, but it was so hot.  I had curled my hair for the show and I ended up sweating it back to straight.  I was also left with a very shiny face afterwards, and it shows in the images I got with her.  While they certainly are not bad photos, I know I had dolled myself up to look better!

Dita Von Teese & I after her The Art of the Teese show in Seattle, WA – July 23, 2017.
Meeting singer & songwriter, Jessica Domingo, after a performance at a Filipino festival in Seward Park, WA – July 30, 2017
Meeting Gabrielle Union-Wade after her book reading of We Are Going to Need More Wine at the University of Washington – Seattle’s University Bookstore – October 25, 2017
Meeting one of the champions of the 29th Amazing Race, Scott Flanary, at my work’s holiday party at AQUA by El Gaucho in Seattle, WA – December 18, 2017
I was too hesitant and shy to ask her to pose for a picture with me, but I got to meet Hollywood actress, Jena Malone, after an intimate living room concert with her band mate, Lem Jay, in Vashon Island!  The band is called “The Shoe.”  The image above was taken by my boyfriend, Dillon – May 19, 2018
Meeting Dita Von Teese for the second time after her Absolut Elyx show with The Copper Coupe in Seattle, WA – June 17, 2018

So this year for Dita Von Teese’s show: after I curled my hair at home, I got the idea to clip my hair up behind my head!  I started off with the clip in my purse while going out to the Moore Theatre.  Given that I was wearing a turtleneck fashion sweater for my vintage-inspired outfit on a warm, perfectly sunny evening in JUNE, I was beginning to get a little too warm.  So I pulled the clip out and clipped my hair up for the remainder of the evening until right before I went into the room to take the above image with her.  I figured that it wouldn’t matter if people saw my hair up or down while sitting in a dark theatre for two hours, and it honestly was the best decision I ever made!  My curls stayed intact this time, and I had a surprising amount of volume as well.
I will probably start bringing a clip with me for my done-up hair any time I go out somewhere on a hot summer day.

Hope you enjoyed my post!



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