Turning 24

This past Sunday was my 24th birthday!  It’s still taking me a little bit to adjust to saying 24 is my age.  I’m not asked my age as frequently as I was when I was younger!

This past Saturday, my boyfriend, Dillon, and I had some friends over to visit our apartment and celebrate my birthday a day early.  The next day being my actual birthday, Dillon and I walked all over Capitol Hill and South Lake Union to explore fun places and do a little bit of shopping.  I wish I had taken more photos, but I guess I was enjoying myself with Dillon too much to remember.

We found a cool gaming cafe & bar, The Raygun Café, in the morning and ended up buying the game we played! You get to rent a board/card game for free with the purchase of a drink (I think it’s $5-$10 otherwise). They also have a ton of pinball machines along the back wall.

On the same block is Neko Cat Café! I had never been to this one before, so I was pretty excited to meet a ton of new cats. The space is cute but also small. It was comfortable with Dillon, myself, and another couple that was already there. And then three little girls came in who were all very excited to see the cats. The space felt pretty small once they came in, so Dillon and I decided to make our exit to walk around the rest of Capitol Hill!

Dillon and I stopped at one of our favorite bookstores: Elliot Bay Book Company and their Little Oddfellows Café. I picked up a new book called Suicide Club, and Dillon picked up three titles that I cannot recall st the moment, hehe.

We walked up to Molly Moon’s Ice Cream, which was perfect because July 15 is National Ice Cream Day. The first words I learned to speak were “ice cream” as well! Dillon and I had never been to Molly Moon’s before – the line has always been too long going around the block for us. But the line was just out the door when we stopped by, so we got in line for double scoops.

I had such a wonderful birthday this past weekend. I got sick this week and also got extremely busy with work, so many apologies for the delay of this post!



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