Travel Post: Lake Chelan

A few weekends ago, Dillon and I went to Lake Chelan for one of my friend’s weddings! Since the town of Chelan is just a three hour drive away from Seattle, we decided to make a weekend of it.

One of the downsides to Chelan in the summer though is that there are only a few hotels. Summer is definitely their tourist season, so the hotel prices were up to $300/night for a standard one king bed room or two queen room. It also seemed like getting a hotel room in the summers were something you had to do WAY in advance. The bride was on my college cheer team with me! A few other old teammates and I were originally going to split on renting a 3 bedroom condo or house on Airbnb or HomeAway, so we could all hang out together and hopefully save way more by splitting. We were looking at listings in January for an August stay. Unfortunately, a lot of properties listed were listed by a property management group instead of the actual property owner, and one of their rules is that all guests need to be age 28 or older. Anyone under 28 would need to be accompanied by their legal parent or guardian. I used to work front desk at a Holiday Inn Express, and the restrictions to rent a hotel room was simply 18 and having a debit or credit card. When I called their customer service to ask to someone about it, I was told, “children travel with their parents all the time.” So, we all ended up having to figure out our own accommodations as none of us were yet 28. One stayed with friends, another found a hotel last minute in the town of Wenatchee, and we found an Airbnb called The Well Made Bed and Breakfast that was really cute and perfectly located within walking distance of Lake! The wedding photographer was also at our Airbnb.

Dillon’s new car that we shopped for the weekend before.
The front door to the Well Made B&B!
Cutesy patio seating on the front deck.
The common area to the Well Made B&B, which is also where homemade breakfast is served!
Private bathroom to the room we rented for the weekend, called the Romance Room, haha.

It included shampoo, conditioner, and robes!
King-sized bed in the room we rented.
Flat screen TV, cutesy decoration (‘R’ for Romance Room)
Patio set on our private patio to the backyard.  Drapes put up by the hostess for privacy.
More of the patio furniture on our private back deck!


Hazy sun overlooking our Airbnb street.
Despite the haze, Dillon and I decided to walk to the nearby Don Morse Memorial Park.  It was just a five minute walk away from our Airbnb!
You can see how bad the haze was on our first day from the central Washington area wildfires.

Making Dillon pose for me!  The lake water is full of minerals that keep the lake so blue.
We were not the only ones that were at the lakeside park, as you can see in the background of this photo!

Hazy sun overlooking Chelan Riverwalk Park.
Found some flowers the size of my face!

Duck watching at the Chelan Riverwalk Park.

Airbnb hostess’ cat hanging out on our back patio the next morning!
One of the houses near our Airbnb had a grapevine growing over their front gate!  You can see some of the green grapes high up!
Purple grapes were shaded from the morning sun.
I think I want a grapevine in my garden one day!
Don Morse Memorial Park the next morning without all the haze – a HUGE difference!
Attending the wedding at Karma Vineyards with Dillon and my friends from college back at Whitworth University!  Left to right: Phil, Kyle, Dillon, myself, and Jocelyn.  Phil was in my calculus class my freshman year; Kyle is the fiancée to an old college cheer teammate/friend (who was a bridesmaid at this wedding), and Jocelyn is another old college cheer teammate!
The ceremony had a beautiful view of Lake Chelan!
Jocelyn and I post-ceremony and pre-reception!

I don’t have photos of the reception or the wedding venue.  I have a personal policy to not take too many cell phone photos at weddings, even at the reception, when professional photographers have been hired.  I’ve only ever taken a cell phone photo with a bride I knew during her reception once!  While she was happy to oblige, I realized after the rise of wedding guest photography etiquette posts that we can let the paid professional take our photo.  Even though that action is fairly low on etiquette-breaking in most people’s rulebooks, I have chosen to steer away from that moving forward.
The photographers at this wedding are a married couple, actually!  Here is their website: they are Kelsey and Kyle!

Dillon and I adored Lake Chelan as a fun summer weekend getaway from Seattle.  We definitely want to visit again!



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