Whistler, BC, Canada

A couple weeks ago, I got to visit Whistler in British Columbia, Canada for the first time ever!  It was for my first bachelorette party for a dear friend from my college cheer team.  Whistler was SO much fun for a summer trip.  We were a group of about 10-12, and we splurge-rented a fancy-pants ski lodge for our weekend so that we could each have our own bed and be able to have a little privacy.  It was well worth it, and such a gorgeous property.  Whistler is mostly a ski town in the winters, but it is still very much a fun summer destination too!  Our lodge was within walking distance to the main part of town where shopping and restaurants/bars were located.  We rented bicycles and took the easy and flat bike / hiking trails to a lake, and then took on the night after we got all dolled up.  To our surprise, this town is also a popular destination for other bachelor and bachelorette parties!
The morning after, we visited the Olympic Rings and then another old college cheer teammate and I did a side-hike before going back to the US.  We visited a train wreck site!  The site is not the actual location of the wreck, but was the chosen dumping ground for a wreck that occurred in 1956.  There is a suspension bridge over a beautifully blue river that you cross to get to it!

Rain started coming down on our drive after we crossed the US-Canada border.
The lodge that can sleep fourteen people!
Our lodge’s backyard!  Behind the bushes is an outdoor hot tub.
The kitchen enormous fridge that could definitely fit me if you take out the shelving.
Posing on my bike rental!  It has been almost fifteen years since I last rode a bike!
A pink bike and jersey on display at the bike rental we visited.

Bit of a river that we came across on our bicycle ride!

All dolled up with the bride-to-be, Michelle!

College cheer teammate reunion!
College cheer teammate and road trip driver, Jocelyn!
Cutesy signs with Michelle!
The whole group post dinner!

I had two appetizers that I thought were small plates, but were actually two normal-sized dinner portions.
Visiting the Olympic Rings the next morning!
Stunting with Michelle!
Pulling a standing scorpion.
Standing libs with the old flyers!
Finishing pose with Michelle and our thigh stand!

Beautiful café spread near the Olympic Rings.

Suspension bridge before the Train Wreck site!

Jocelyn and I on the suspension bridge!
Minerals in the river bring it to this beautiful teal shade!

Several graffiti train cars are strewn about in the forest after the suspension bridge.

Gorgeous views on the drive back towards the US-Canada border!  This sight looked like something out of a movie.
Vancouver has some pretty cool bridges.

Hope you enjoyed this photo dump!



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