Forest Glamour Photographed by Sara Ranlett-Furtado

I have a fun collection of vintage nightgowns and I have been dying to get them photographed.  I finally got to showcase one of them in a collaboration with photographer Sara Ranlett-Furtado, hair stylist Olivia Olives, and make-up artist Vivian Ge.  The vintage dress I purchased online through Miranda Rights of Last Rites Vintage!
My hair was originally curly, but the way Olivia styled my hair let it go to this perfect wavy-straight while maintaining so much volume!  My hair has been thinning out from stress these past two years.  I remember in college and in high school, the thickness of my hair was one of the things I was most proud of about myself.  Since it started out so thick, I did not mind that it has been getting thinner.  But Olivia’s styling is making me long for my thick hair days again.  I wish I could have preserved this day’s hair!
Vivian’s makeup was also so stunning that I almost feel inspired to try to recreate it for an every day look.  I say ‘almost’ because it would probably take me hours to attempt it, and I have grown lazy and minimalist with my daily makeup look.  I wore this makeup for the rest of the day and I felt so gorgeous!  The foundation Vivian used looked like my real skin, but better.

Cue photo dump:


I am completely in love with this set from Sara.  My favorite photos ever.  I almost did not want to share everything at once, and I almost wanted to post all of these to my Instagram in one sitting.  I have never felt so beautiful, and it is all thanks to Sara, Olivia, and Vivian for being so willing to do some work on me.  ♥♥♥

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