Blurred Days

Honestly, that’s how this whole thing feels. Wake up, turn on the computer, work, eat lunch, work some more, sit on the couch browsing the Internet for possible online shopping, remember there’s nowhere to go, eat dinner, maybe play Catan online, take Zquil, and go to bed. I try to break up the days by going for a walk to get coffee or doing a yoga session in the evenings before bed. I love the coffee from a spot that’s only open two days a week, which is good for my wallet heh.

I’m trying to find the gratitude in these times. It’s so hard though. I miss visiting my friends and family. I miss having things to do. At the same time, I get to be with my boyfriend and cat more. My cat is sometimes appreciative! My boyfriend and I haven’t even come close to any arguments. If anything, these times have brought us even closer. We usually only see each other in the evenings before bedtime after being at work all day. He and I are very respectful of our designated work spaces and work times. Especially on the days with video or phone calls. It helps that we’ve both always had the ability to work from home before it was mandatory. Home cooking is happening way more frequently too. I used to order takeout every day for lunch. We now order takeout maybe once a week, from a local small business. That’s the only time Dillon and I come to a disagreement, and it’s not even an actual disagreement! It’s always just indecision on where to order from!

I’m trying to get myself to be more creative while being at home. I’ve dabbled a little in embroidery, and have been meaning to pick up the colored pencils or the watercolor paint brushes again. I’ve been doing way more self-portrait sessions, something I used to feel self-conscious about. I usually would hate every photo taken and end up deleting them all. I’m having way more fun with it now, taking myself less seriously, and just letting myself look and feel goofy during the process. It’s been a lot of fun, and I have a few photos to share below:

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