World Goth Day 2020

I’ve had a goth streak in me since 2009. Black is one of my favorite colors to wear (purple is my absolute favorite color, but I rarely wear it). All things to do with spider webs and bats make me happy. I’m still very fond of my early goth inspirations, like Adora BatBrat of Sweden and Jillian Venters of Seattle. I still have Jillian Venters’ Gothic Charm School book.  And I still do all-black-everything outfits.

May 22nd is World Goth Day! I wanted to celebrate with a photo dump. Here we go!

This photo is from 2009, my freshman year of high school.  YES, I would go to school with all this eyeliner makeup on!  This look is a copy of one of Adora BatBrat’s looks.

This photo is from the summer of 2010, the last day of school of my sophomore year.  A friend of mine and I went around the school campus taking fun photos.

Halloween 2018: I laced up in my favorite corset for a bat costume!  So proud of myself for working sensible boots to run around the cold in too.

In this photo are black magic petunia flowers and black colocasia!  I’m currently dealing with THRIPS in the black colocasia.  😦

My baby goth self would be so proud of current self’s wardrobe.  I always wanted to be a glamour goth but definitely didn’t have the funds as a kid.  

Tried to go for a different vibe for self-portraiture!

Photo taken by Zoë Burchard Studios LLC next to this gorgeous wisteria tree!

Photo taken by Zoë Burchard Studios LLC.

Photo taken by Zoë Burchard Studios LLC.

A little close up on my eye makeup that I recreated from 2009.

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