Possibilities at Dawn

One of my dear friends, Zoë Burchard, and I spent a night in the town of Port Angeles, Washington. We snacked on fruit and cookies from the nearby Wal-Mart, flipped through Interview magazine issues (one of the coolest magazines to browse, in my humble opinion), and basically had a sleepover! The next morning, we got up at 5 am to get ready for a sunrise photoshoot on the Ediz Hook spit, past the paper mill.

The light before the sun is exposed in the morning is amazing. I love being in it and drinking it in, and was excited to work in it. Maybe it’s because growing up, I had to be awake and catch the school bus in the next town over at the same hours of twilight. My deepest contemplative moments in life are from those bus rides. These early hours used to be my reflection and my planning time, for everything: reflecting on what happened the day or week or month before, planning what I wanted to get done in the near future from homework to rearranging my bedroom, and whatever else occupied my child mind then. Possibilities were endless but all of it was in my reach, all before and during the light of dawn – and I was eager to make shit happen. This particular morning awakened those same feelings, dormant for nearly a decade now.

Reality was slipping away as I began to adopt the photoshoot concept as my new personality: recently broken off from the routine normal life and a crummy relationship, and gone away for a drive to stare at waves and skies. In the throes of contemplative processing, I find myself in the cold waters of the Strait of Juan de Fuca. Suddenly, I have realized that how things have changed and I finally have a physical reaction to my new life.

Photography: Zoë Burchard
Concept & Styling: Peter Guilherme
HMUA & Model: Stephanie Laurie

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