AirBnb in Port Angeles, WA with Zoë Burchard

Ooof okay, this post took me a minute to get together because I ran out of storage space for blog photos!! I will have to weigh out the option of purchasing on of WordPress’ or taking the time to condense old photos and reuploading them. I’ll probably go with the latter because that’s the free option heh.

Zoë Burchard and I spent a night in Port Angeles, just a twenty minute drive west of my hometown of Sequim! We rented out this fun AirBnb that overlooks the Strait of Juan de Fucaz. It’s a house, but the interior has more of a cabin feel. Zoë brought a hefty STACK of her Interview magazine collection, we had made a Walmart pitstop for diced fruit and chocolate chip cookies, and we had that Saturday night to just hang out and relax! We had already brainstormed the concept, the outfit, and the makeup for the next day’s photoshoot at the spit. So it was a nice and easy night, which was good since Port Angeles is a 2.5+ hour drive from Seattle, where Zoë and I actually reside.

We flipped through the Interview magazines and ate up our fruit and cookies. I was engrossed with an article where Brad Pitt interviewed Sir Phillip Anthony Hopkins CBE. The magazines are full of articles like that: celebrities and actors/actresses interviewing each other. It lends me as the reader a different perspective, questions I’d never think to ask, and a new lens with which to view the interview. It was cool reading the dialogue as actor to actor, and seeing how these two powerhouses interacted – verbally at least.

After the beach photoshoot on the spit, we came back to the AirBnb. I ran the bathwater to warm up my numbed feet and cold body from being in the waves. Then I changed into my Tulum swimsuit from Andie swimwear, pulled on thigh high stockings, and then ate some leftover dungeness crab mac and cheese from the day before to fuel myself. Zoë went second to warm her numbed feet back up in that precious bathtub, and we set up to do a fun, casual photo session in our cabin-like abode.

This is more of a boudoir-lite session. I’m showing more skin than in a normal outfit, and the comfy outfit definitely felt like less-than-normal for me. I had just done a boudoir session with a lady I went to high school with the day before at her home, so the concept was not too new to me. But this session was a lot more comfortable being with a dear friend rather than an acquaintance, and being in a home that we both were unfamiliar with rather than feeling like I was intruding where I wasn’t supposed to be. Don’t get me wrong, I am grateful for every photo session I have! But it did take me a little time at first to get comfortable in a photographer’s home I had never visited before versus an AirBnb that’s new to both me and the photographer.

The morning light hit the autumn tree just right and I feel the Zoë did an excellent job capturing that as well as catching me in some fun poses. Not every pose was just me though; Zoë is a great guide for getting me to angle my head just right or to look to the light instead of to the shadow, and even came up with the upside down pose too!

We had so much fun. We’re both looking forward to the next trip together, whenever that may be in this pandemic. I’m proud of our photography collaborations, each and every time. I hope you enjoy this set!

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