Holiday Décor!

This year, we had some fun with hacksawing down our own tree from a tree farm! We didn’t bother with a Christmas tree last year as we did not have as much free space in our Fremont apartment. Our Fremont apartment also had baseboard heaters on almost every wall, and a combusted Christmas tree is one of my biggest fears in a rental hehe.
So, I have always been a firm believer of waiting until at least the day after Thanksgiving for winter Holiday décor. Even though I managed to uphold that this year, I have to admit it was pretty tough for me to wait this year. Especially with seeing others’ posts about decorating for the holidays right after Halloween because of how much of a bummer 2020 has been. But I waited it out, and I’m glad I did! Especially since we got a real tree and I’m now thinking of how long it will last before it starts to dry out.
I wanted to take the time to document some of our favorite ornaments on our tree, and share it with my readers♥ I don’t have a huge collection of sentimental or novelty ornaments, but I hope to add more with each year!

Our tree with a bit of our window view!
A Brooklyn ornament!
A fun self-portrait.
A Jellybean ornament!
A spider ornament, one of my personal favorites.
More self-portrait fun.
A crisp polar bear ornament!
A tent ornament, picked out by Dillon!
Last self-portrait for fun!
A decked-out star ornament, gifted to me by my favorite aunt, my Aunt Anna.
An ornament that sums up 2020 pretty dang well!

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