Photography Spotlight: Brie Blake Photography!

So a few weeks ago, I got together with Brie Blake, a photographer local to the North Seattle area! Before the second lockdown in Washington state, we got together over brunch to talk ideas and get to know each other. When I am able to, I LOVE getting to meet with photographers before any photoshoot to just get to know them as a person and also get on the same page for any creative concepts. Over this brunch, Brie and I decided to do a city rooftop location! I also got to wear a beautiful vintage Gunne Sax gown that I purchased from Sondra of All Glam No Filter, my dear online friend who is the queen of all things vintage in Portland, Oregon! The Gunne Sax gown was the main star of our photoshoot, and then the other two outfits are what I wear normally on any given day.
I had a ton of fun goofing around and working with Brie! She laughed at all my bad jokes and goofy faces, and was really easy to work with. I also LOVE how these photos turned out! I love the editorial vibe they give off, even the silly-face ones Brie captured of me! I hope you enjoy them too!

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