Resolutions for 2021

That’s right, this is a new year’s resolutions post from yours truly! I’m also featuring photos taken by Olympic Penninsula photographer, Brittany Brenske! Her photography is among my favorites! I hope you enjoy reading my resolutions and seeing these photos!


1. Make a $10,000 dent in debts
This is the first time ever that I actually talk about finances on any social media platform.  I have a bit of student loan debt still and some credit card debt from bad spending habits over the years.  This year, I want to make a 10 grand debt in my combined student loan and credit card debt.  The pandemic happening with all the cancelled events helped me really face my bad spending habits and make some debt dents already!  I paid several thousands of dollars off on my student loan debts alone!  The 0% interest on student loan debt this year also helped me a ton.  For 2021, I want to continue this habit and get my credit card debt paid off and make another dent in my student loans.

2. Build up emergency savings
I have a tiny bit of savings going on, but not a comfortable enough cushion should something ever happen to my job / my ability to work.  Before the pandemic, I didn’t have any savings at all beyond my 401k.  I don’t count my 401k though as it’s not easy for me to access those funds and I don’t want to touch those funds until it’s time to retire.
To be honest, the only education I ever received up until recently about managing my own money was that credit cards are dangerous and that’s about it.  I didn’t learn a thing about savings, how much I should have saved, nothing about what a 401k is except that it’s nice to have, nor anything about credit card interest rates and what to watch out for.  I am still learning – something I used to be ashamed about since I’m in my mid-twenties now.  But this is a fact of life: not a lot of people are financially savvy!  I know I’m not alone in being a bit stupid with my money (and no, I don’t consider taking on student loan debt to be stupid in this day and age), and in not knowing how to save.  But now, I’m aiming to expand my current savings from one month’s worth to at least three months’ worth of savings.  I’m hoping I can reach six months’ worth of savings so that I’m totally fine if anything should happen to me or my ability to work.  I’ve made some progress recently with my savings account and I want to continue this until I feel safe.
Home ownership is another beast that terrifies me quite a bit, but it is a goal of mine to be able to own a home in the greater Seattle area and to pay towards a mortgage of my own instead of paying rent!  That’ll take me quite a bit of time to do, but it’s time I get it together.  This means a separate savings account from my emergency savings!  Home ownership is not an emergency in my book, and I would want to have that emergency account for home repairs and/or for any injury/illness that might happen to me.

3. Go for walks 2 – 3 times a week.
Going for walks has always been a great way for me to sort my thoughts out, reflect, and clear my mind.  I don’t need to sweat on a jog per sé, but I do need to move around.
I do not exercise enough.  Or at all really, hehe.  If you sift through my blog photos, you can see my face in this post and in recent posts is a bit rounder than it used to be.  Same with my body thickening up.  I’m still at a healthy weight, but man does it SUCK having clothes not fit right or at all!  Before the shutdown for coronavirus, I walked everywhere.  Walked to the bus stop, walked to work, walked to lunch, walked back home, I walked every where!  I was also going to the gym three times a week for about two months before the shutdown came.  Then when we all had to work form home and not go in to offices, I stopped exercising completely and started eating up to two boxes of macaroni and cheese a day.  I really love that stuff, heh.  But it caught up with me since I didn’t move around!  I ended up gaining THIRTY pounds.

4. Eat a salad 2 – 3 times a week.
I don’t think eating a salad needs to happen precisely on the same days as the walks, but I do need to eat healthier too.  I’m a mega sweet tooth as well as a cheese addict, and it makes me feel sluggish and crummy.  I love eating salads, especially arugula-based ones full of fruit.  My all-time favorite salad is Where’s Waldo from Evergreens but slightly customized to include arugula.  It has that, sliced grapes, celery, diced apples, sunflower seeds, strawberries, walnuts, and Greek yogurt dressing.  I’m more partial to raspberry vinaigrette dressing though.  It’s SUCH a good salad and easy for me to make at home.  I really like the pre-prepped salad kits you can get at grocery stores too.

5. Lose 25 pounds.
Typically, I don’t like to mention my weight.  It can be a little triggering for those with eating disorders.  As someone who deals with body dysmorphia, I get it.  So, please feel free to scroll past or stop reading altogether if mentions of weight disturb you.

Basically, I want to get back to my fit-gal weight.  I currently weigh 140 – 145 pounds.  I want to get myself back down to 120 pounds.  BOTH of these weights are healthy for someone at 5’1″ but man, my clothes are feeling so tight at my current weight.  I’m curvier in all the places including my belly, but I know the ‘right’ places are usually the first to go in weight loss.  I don’t care – I want that slimmer tummy again!  I look at old photos of myself and feel so terrible for being so hard on myself.  While this is the best I’ve ever felt about my body, I also miss the athletic ability I had thirty pounds ago.  This current weight is due to my lack of exercise, and I want to be able to do hikes without pain and aches again.

6. Go on at least 4 hard hikes in 2021.
I had gone on several hikes in May of this past year and then I stopped going along with the boyfriend on hikes because I didn’t want to hold him back.  He’s gone on to do trail running, 10-mile jogs during the week, a marathon-length jog, and summitting mountains!  I have no desire to summit mountains this upcoming year, but I do want to challenge myself to get out and see some nice views after some strenuous hiking.  This might mean having to do mild hikes to build up my strength, as I’m sure city walking won’t be enough for hard hikes.  I’ll probably do a separate post on the tough hike goals I have in mind.

7. See the dentist.
Man oh man, I am OVERDUE for seeing the dentist.  I’m disgusting – it’s been years since I last saw the dentist.  They took almost two hours to clean my teeth the last time I went in 2017.  Not because my teeth were that bad, but because they kept leaving me alone and unattended for long periods of time!  I get busy offices but that was frustrating.  Today, I’ll be making phone calls to some Capitol Hill dental offices near me to see how long a typical cleaning appointment takes.  I don’t have any tooth pain luckily, but that doesn’t mean I’m clear of cavities.  I’m sure I have mad cavities, and I’m ready to suck it up and get all the fillings.  I’m honestly kind of tempted to ask the dentist to just schedule me for three days in a row so I can get it all over with, heh.

8. See the optometrist.
That’s the eye doctor, and my vision prescription just recently expired.  My boyfriend wears glasses to see, and I wear contact lenses to see.  I really want to take better care of my eyes.  I’m a general mess, haha.  In college, I used to nap with my contact lenses in because I was too lazy to take them out.  Let me tell you, I paid for it dearly.  I accidentally created microscopic lacerations (cuts) on the surface of my cornea and deprived it of oxygen.  Little blood vessels have grown across and then died, and my eyes are very sensitive to light, even though I have hazel brown irises instead of blue.  I also have a little lazy eye going on when I stare at something too long, get tired, or get buzzed on alcohol.  I want to control and try to reverse my lazy eye as much as I can, and then I want to wear glasses more often to give my eyes a much-needed break from contacts.

That’s the end of my resolutions so far! All about my health, well-being, and my finances. I think I came up with some solid goals and I’m so ready to tackle them and turn 27 feeling far more accomplished than I do in 2020.
Feel free to share any words of advice or resolutions of your own below! ♥

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