Brief Social Media Break

After New Year’s Day, I decided to take a break from posting on social media. It wasn’t a very strict break where I didn’t touch social media at all, especially with the coup attempt on the 6th making the news.

It was nice however, to not try to be keeping up with influencers and fast-fashion trends. It’s a lot of effort trying to go through Instagram stories, like and comment on a ton of posts via account tags and hashtags, and create/post my own content on a daily basis. I stopped trying to plan photoshoots and outfits. I stopped consuming so much content. I spent my days watching anime based on a friend’s recommendation (finally) and doing crochet work (finally) from a gift I got from my younger sister. My screen time on my phone went way down. And I saw the dentist just like I resolved to for 2021!

It was mainly an experiment for myself, to see if I could pull it off. Turns out, it’s allowing me to just scale back and not try as hard. I don’t really want to post as much on my Instagram account anymore. I want to just accomplish the rest of my resolutions and mind my business. I don’t think I’ll be quitting my Instagram account anytime soon – it’s been a longtime goal of mine to model and get creative. People who barely know me think I’m just a hard numbers gal just because I’m in the accounting industry. But I’ve proved them wrong. I want to prove things to myself now, that I can continue to create art as a model and maybe provoke a few more thoughts as a blogger as well. I want to pursue this without the goal of gaining a ton of follows and likes.

I hit an all-time high, with over 1,000 views and over 500 visitors on my blog, for 2020 alone. I didn’t even mean to – I just wanted another spot for my photos in case something ever happened to my Instagram account or if I ever decided I wanted to quit that platform. I had no other goals with this WordPress blog. I think the views were propelled by creating Pins on Pinterest that lead to my blog. People on Pinterest really like my photos! It’s so fascinating hitting six-figure impressions on a single Pin! I have no clue how I managed that at all.

For 2021, I think I want to hit 1,000 views again. The visitor count is cool, but I’d rather be a blog people visit and return to. I don’t want to have single visits from readers. I’m still thinking on this though. I don’t know how realistic that goal is because I’m hitting the memory capacity for images on the free plan. I don’t want to start paying and then end up quitting later down the road.

So I have to make a decision: to take the next step with my blog or to remain passive with my social media activity. Both are tempting in their ways, hehe. The social media break made it nice to not have my mind racing with these things. On the other hand, this is also fun for me and very, very rarely stressful. I’ll be taking the rest of this month to just mull these decisions over, and maybe even write out a detailed plan in case I do take the plunge.

This is an interesting crossroad to be at with blogging. I’d be happy for any input, encouragement, or reasoning for either decision!

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