New 2021 Hobby!

For Christmas, I got a crochet kit from my younger sister! She got me black yarn and green yarn with a weight of 4. I used the black yarn to make a cat blanket (150 chain stitches built up with an alternating single-crochet and double-crochet stitch with a 5.50 mm needle) – I was originally going for a human blanket, but it was a LOT of work! So I stopped part way and called it a cat blanket. The cats actually really like it though!

Brooklyn, plopped on the half-folded cat blanket.
Brooklyn loving the blanket, hating me taking pics!
Brooklyn and Jellybean! I’ve deemed it the “cuddle blanket” now.

Now, I’m starting on making a blue scarf for Dillon with a diamond waffle stitch! I used this YouTube video to guide me on how to do the stitch. I used a 6.50 mm needle and did 23 chain stitches, then single-crocheted 22 stitches, double-crocheted 22 stitches, and then used that video I linked as a guide to start making diamonds. Dillon and I went to a local Michael’s store and I let him pick out his yarn. He picked out the Lion Brand Yarns Scarfie skein in the color Teal/Silver, which has a weight of 5. I was skeptical at first because the skein looked like it would be a color mash-up, which I wasn’t personally fond of. But I went ahead with it and it’s actually a gorgeous gradation between light blue and deep blue! It looks really lovely, and I actually kind of want to keep the scarf for myself!

Isn’t that gradation beautiful?
The trusty crochet needle I’m using.
My progress so far.

Once I finish this scarf up for Dillon, I have this really tacky-cute knit sweater with hearts all over it that I want to modify slightly by extending the sleeves. The weight of the yarn used to make the sweater seems like it’s a good and bulky 6, and I think I might try to use yarn with a weight of 5 to add on the sleeve ends.

After that, I want to make a scarf of my own, or maybe a cozy headband to wear. We’ll see how I feel when I get there!

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