Why Do I Blog?

I’ve always been someone who is an open book. You can ask me almost anything, and I will answer. But being an open-book type of person isn’t quite the main reason why I blog.

Me, January 2021!
Photo by Domenica Michelle Photography

In 2008, I was thirteen and in middle school. I had big interests in alternative fashion and in runway couture fashion. This wasn’t necessarily an interest I wanted to make a career out of – it was something I wanted to try to emulate then and there. I loved standing out in my small hometown of Sequim. It’s a predominantly white community. Most of the time, I loved being one of a handful Filipina people there. Though my skin is pretty pale, my facial features were different and generally prompted questions about my ethnicity. I would use makeup to enhance my eyes all the time. This was the first major time I used the Internet to browse for inspiration.

Young me, but at 14 in 2009.

I think having an iPod Touch (like an iPhone but without cellular capability) is what made looking up inspiration so easy. I would keep up with the designers’ different seasonal couture shows, screenshot the looks I loved, and try to imitate any cool runway makeup looks I came across. Eventually, I made a Tumblr blog after a friend introduced me to the site. I realized I could post the looks I loved there to save them, free up memory on the iPod Touch, and reblog posts that brought similar inspiration.

My ~*uNiQuE*~ sense of style aka today’s average all-black-everything aesthetic. 2010.

Tumblr is where I found out what “street style” was, which was EXACTLY what I loved. People would post their fab outfit and say where each piece was from. I found so many varieties of street style that had affordable clothes and accessories. I found more people with my taste in style, and felt a sense of belonging that I didn’t know I yearned for.

Now comes the actual blogging part! I was in high school at this time. I think it was on Tumblr that I came across a very unique-looking person with her own blog website. She would post fun, quirky outfits with affinities for, honestly, random items like mushrooms and woodland creatures, Oxford-style shoes, and cute little accessories all atop a very-tattooed body. That’s what first drew me in to her blog was her unique style. Scrolling through her website, she’d share fun things like her plant collection, fantastic photos of her cats yawning, dying her hair vibrant colors, beach combing, and a recurring Friday Favorites post of fun items to shop for. It was the first lifestyle blog I came across, one that had topics beyond clothing and accessories. The blogger I’m talking about is Kaylah of The Dainty Squid blog, which is still going strong today!

My high school style, influenced by Tumblr photography and Kaylah of The Dainty Squid blog. 2011.

I really loved being able to know more about a person beyond their fantastic outfits. I still follow Kaylah and her Dainty Squid blog today. I got inspired to make a blog of my own on the same Blogger platform (my first blog from Blogger, Ego Beatitudinis, of which I decided to delete all the good-but-stupid posts of my youth). I shared all kinds of things and loved it. I was, of course, careful about my security and privacy – but I love being able to look back on my thoughts then. It’s like a diary but in a public forum, heh.

Me, January 2021, in a secondhand Burberry coat that I dreamed about since the iPod Touch years.
Photo by Domenica Michelle Photography

Anywho, I suppose that was a longwinded answer that can essentially be summed up to “blogging’s my outlet.” I think it’s fun reading how people first got started into blogging. I hope this was enjoyable!

In Capitol Hill – January 2021.
Photo by Domenica Michelle Photography

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