2021 Resolutions Update #1

I’m going to be periodically updating the blog with resolution updates, to keep myself accountable and to provide realistic updates to my goals. So let’s start with a recap of what my resolutions were! You can view the post here in its entirety, but I will summarize below too.

  • Make a $10,000 dent in debts
    I have contributed over $1,000 to my student loan debt and my credit card debt! But I’m thinking I need to shift my financial priorities for my next goal and just build up my savings more.
  • Build up emergency savings
    This one I didn’t contribute to like at all this past month because I decided to prioritize my debt. So instead, I will build up my savings to six months’ worth of expenses for myself, and then aggressively tackle my debt.
  • Go for walks 2 – 3 times a week
    I’ve been doing this!! Consistently – I’m so proud of myself too. I count gym sessions in this too (they are open again in Washington), as I’m a lot more active when I’m on an elliptical breathing in room temperature air than when I’m breathing in cold winter air. I get phlegmy from running outdoors.
  • Eat a salad 2 – 3 times a week
    I have been consistent with this as well! I haven’t been making salads, but I buy the premade salad kits from QFC and Safeway. I prefer the ones with apples and gouda in them. Eating well has been making me feel so much better in general too.
  • Lose 25 pounds
    I have lost 5 pounds over the course of last month, including my fluctuation ranges! I like the slower pace I’m going at to lose weight. I did start off with a calorie counting app – not to restrict, but to see what my day-to-day eating habits were. I don’t count calories now and have since deleted that app. I did download Strava though to record my walks and elliptical sessions!
  • Go on at least 4 hard hikes in 2021
    I do not have winter gear, so snow/winter hiking is pretty much out for me. But I can easily do 4 hikes in the springtime alone. I’m hoping to exceed this goal since I’ve been building up my leg strength again in the gym! I’ll have to make a Washington state hiking list for myself for the spring.
  • See the dentist
    Okay, this is the one I am kind of nervous to report on: I did see the dentist throughout January. Yes, “throughout.” FOUR visits, because the dentist described my teeth as having ‘rampant decay.’ UGH. All because I don’t floss well. And I am PAYING for it, literally. My insurance coverage ran out as of January 27th. So words of advice: definitely floss your teeth often, at least daily! Schedule cleanings twice a year with your dentist. And if you’ve been putting it off like me, see the dentist in October or November so you can use up your insurance within the last few months of the year, have it renew with the new year, and keep your costs low.
  • See the optometrist
    Still working on this one! I was so blown away by my dental work costs that I didn’t even think about calling the optometrist in January. So I will get this resolution done in February instead!

Here’s to crossing off accomplished goals!

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