Date Ideas in a Quarantine

It’s February and Valentine’s Day is coming up! I thought it could be fun to put together some fun date ideas while in quarantine from the pandemic. I feel like a lot of these could be applicable for friends just not wanting to be alone for Valentine’s Day as well. Here we go!

Virtual Get-Together Ideas

  • Houseparty App for a Game Night
    Houseparty is a super fun application that you can use from your phone! It’s a group video chat platform that also has a lot of fun games to play from. Group video chat rooms max out at 8 people – could be a fun way to virtually see your friends or do a fun double-date!
  • Happy Hour
    Grab your favorite drink and settle in for conversation with sips. If you’re still going strong with non-alcoholic habits, you could opt for non-alcoholic beer! Athletic Brewing Company has some great beer options that are all non-alcoholic! I really like their award-winning IPA the most and am able to find it at my local QFC here in Seattle.
  • Movie Night
    Hulu and Netflix have options to sync up streaming a show or a movie of your choice. Netflix has a Google Chrome extension called ‘Netflix Party‘ that not only syncs up the streaming, but also has a group chat option if you didn’t want to pause/interrupt whatever you’re watching and still get your words in!
  • Book Club
    I personally haven’t tried this as a date idea since college, but I loved it at the time! Read to each other from a new book or a favorite book you want to share! You could do one chapter at a time, and discuss what you read afterwards.

Socially-Distant-But-Together Ideas

  • Picnic in the Park
    I am a sucker for picnics. You don’t need anything extravagant! Put on a warm outfit, pack your hand sanitizer, grab a camping chair or plan out visiting a park with benches, and you can grab your favorite takeout! You could grab coffee or snacks/food on the way. You could mesh the book club idea with this too!
  • Go for a Walk in a Park
    Maybe sitting and chatting isn’t your thing and you want to get some steps in. Meet your date at a local park, and just walk and talk! It’s a classic date. Walk to a nearby coffeeshop if you get hungry/thirsty. Just make sure you dress for the weather!
  • Take a Hike
    I do not recommend hikes for dates with strangers or first dates. It could end up awkward but then you’re stuck together until the hike is over. But if you’ve been seeing someone for a while and trust them, you could go on a hike! Make sure you both let your roommate/trusted buddy know where you’re going and when to expect you back by. Do your research about the trail you’re picking too. You’ll probably lose cell reception when you’re out there. Dress appropriately for the weather (waterproof boots and a rain jacket if it’s rainy when you go; layers if you’re aiming for a snowy-ish hike). You should each bring a hiking backpack and pack the 10 Hiking Essentials for yourselves. You never know what could happen, and it’s definitely best to be over-prepared when hiking!
  • Explore a New Neighborhood
    This is another walking one! Meet up in a new neighborhood one or both of you haven’t explored yet. Grab coffee/hot chocolate to-go and walk around a farmers’ market or the shopping district (assuming the streets/sidewalks are big enough of course). You can end with takeout from a restaurant (consider calling ahead if it’s a busy meal time and/or to make sure a place is open/operating) and hang out in a park.

I hope my ideas helped spin some inspiration for Valentine’s Day! I’d love to hear any other fun date or get-together ideas in the comments below.

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