Big Updates

Hello everyone, yet another big update from your gal. Long-story short: Dillon and I broke up in June, and I have moved out to my own place with just Jellybean. I still reside in Capitol Hill and we are okay – it was an amicable break-up. We simply developed into different people over the course of the pandemic. I would not say we are worse off – in fact, I firmly believe we will be better. He deserves someone who shares more of his interests, and so do I. I do really really miss our first cat, Brooklyn. But I know Brooklyn is happy with Dillon and definitely happy without Jellybean, hehe.

I’ve been spending the last few weeks moving and unpacking (with lots of help from my friends), and getting my new place together to feel more like home. I also had my eye surgery on June 30th, missed out on getting cool pics taken from photographer friends, but took a few fun selfies of my own. The surgery performed on both eyes is called ‘strabismus’ surgery, meant to tighten or loosen the eye muscles for proper alignment of the eyeball. I had a subtle inward turn of 25 degrees in my right eye, and I am happy to report that my eyes are now straight as hell. I did have a lot of redness on the inside halves of my eyes, but my eyes are mostly healed up now with only a few bits of red/pink left.

I’ll just dump some photos for you all to enjoy. I’m honestly not sure when I will create new modeling content again. I’ve been a bit busy, but also feeling a little self-conscious of my weight. So just taking a break from modeling for now, and enjoying life as it is. 🙂

June 30th: surgery day
July 1st, one day after surgery
July 8, one week after surgery
July 12, a week-and-a-half from surgery
Living room, two or three days after moving

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