Check-In and Update!

Hey everyone! It’s been a little while since my last blog post. I was really hoping to post more for April, but work got a bit busy and I had some personal events that made me less motivated to make a blog post. I’ll talk about one event now, and the other one later. So... Continue Reading →

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Spring Flower Crown

I made my own flower crown!! I got an antler headband from Amazon and then florals all from JoAnn Fabrics. I used hot glue to secure the florals to the headband, and voila! A custom floral headpiece! I would recommend finding a headband that really squeezes the head, as all these florals are heavy for... Continue Reading →

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Camarillo Brillo Concept

A few weekends ago, my two photographer friends Zoë of Zoë Burchard Studios and Brie of Brie Blake Photography got together with an idea Zoë had: making the woman in the song “Camarillo Brillo” by Frank Zappa come to life! We decided to go to Portland and rent out an AirBnB. We had help from... Continue Reading →

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Spring is Here!

Just a bunch more photos from my Salt Creek session! I put on a green outfit for St. Patrick’s Day. All photography by Lindsay Amber Photography.

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Day at Salt Creek

A few weeks ago, I had a wonderful morning at low tide meeting up with Lindsay of Lindsay Amber Photography at the Salt Creek Recreation Area near Port Angeles, WA. Photo by Lindsay Amber Photography I packed two dresses into a day bag, had on a body suit and a skirt for the first outfit,... Continue Reading →

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Why Do I Model?

I’m trying to stay grounded in my whys for things. I already gave the background for why I blog, so now I want to talk about why I model! Just an FYI, I do talk about body dysmorphia and over-exercising - feel free to skip reading if those are uncomfortable topics for you. Photography by... Continue Reading →

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Date Ideas in a Quarantine

It's February and Valentine's Day is coming up! I thought it could be fun to put together some fun date ideas while in quarantine from the pandemic. I feel like a lot of these could be applicable for friends just not wanting to be alone for Valentine's Day as well. Here we go! Photography by... Continue Reading →

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2021 Resolutions Update #1

I'm going to be periodically updating the blog with resolution updates, to keep myself accountable and to provide realistic updates to my goals. So let's start with a recap of what my resolutions were! You can view the post here in its entirety, but I will summarize below too. Make a $10,000 dent in debtsI... Continue Reading →

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Why Do I Blog?

I’ve always been someone who is an open book. You can ask me almost anything, and I will answer. But being an open-book type of person isn’t quite the main reason why I blog. Me, January 2021! Photo by Domenica Michelle Photography In 2008, I was thirteen and in middle school. I had big interests... Continue Reading →

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Resolutions for 2021

That's right, this is a new year's resolutions post from yours truly! I'm also featuring photos taken by Olympic Penninsula photographer, Brittany Brenske! Her photography is among my favorites! I hope you enjoy reading my resolutions and seeing these photos!   1. Make a $10,000 dent in debtsThis is the first time ever that I... Continue Reading →

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Vintage Vibes on Film

I got to have my hair cut and styled totally different my usual long black vampire hair! While I occasionally miss my black hair, I love the new brown shade and modern shag cut that I have now! I have warmer tones with my skin and eyes, so the brown hair compliments that. Mikayla Druhan... Continue Reading →

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Playing in the Rain

Zoë and I have gotten together again for a fun shoot in Pioneer Square, Seattle! Wardrobe and location were Zoë's ideas (and she supplied me pants that fit), and I had a ton of fun posing and goofing around in the rain. Here are some of my absolute favorite photos! Suit is from Express, lace... Continue Reading →

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Holiday Décor!

This year, we had some fun with hacksawing down our own tree from a tree farm! We didn't bother with a Christmas tree last year as we did not have as much free space in our Fremont apartment. Our Fremont apartment also had baseboard heaters on almost every wall, and a combusted Christmas tree is... Continue Reading →

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AirBnb in Port Angeles, WA with Zoë Burchard

Ooof okay, this post took me a minute to get together because I ran out of storage space for blog photos!! I will have to weigh out the option of purchasing on of WordPress’ or taking the time to condense old photos and reuploading them. I’ll probably go with the latter because that’s the free... Continue Reading →

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Possibilities at Dawn

One of my dear friends, Zoë Burchard, and I spent a night in the town of Port Angeles, Washington. We snacked on fruit and cookies from the nearby Wal-Mart, flipped through Interview magazine issues (one of the coolest magazines to browse, in my humble opinion), and basically had a sleepover! The next morning, we got... Continue Reading →

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A Reflection

Photography by Sara Ranlett This mirror is the one I use to do my makeup every morning, whether it’s just mascara or a full beat face with layers of eyeshadow. When I look into it, I see a woman that I’m so proud to have become. There used to be days when I couldn’t imagine... Continue Reading →

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Update: Life in a Face Mask

It’s been a while since I last updated this blog! I started getting busy with work with the October 15 tax deadline, I got a new kitten named Jellybean, and we moved from Fremont to Capitol Hill in Seattle! I might dedicate separate blog posts to the bb kitten and the new apartment. The moving... Continue Reading →

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Blurred Days

A little reflection and gratitude during these tough times.

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Photographer Spotlight: Domenica Michelle Photography

I shot with her a good while ago, over a year ago now, but I wanted to share these awesome shots from Domenica Michelle Photography! I was originally going to post these back in June when I received the prints but then life happened. This was a just-for-fun shoot around Seattle Lighting Company and around... Continue Reading →

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Camping at Lake Crescent

Recently, Dillon and I went camping at Lake Crescent, south of Port Angeles on the Olympic Peninsula. We pitched a tent at the Fairholme Campground, went swimming in the lake, climb some trees, and did the hike to Marymere Falls! We were originally planning to do the Storm King hike, but I felt a little... Continue Reading →

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Hike Bucketlist

I have a lot of trips and a lot of plans this summer!  Between weddings, planned vacations, and moving, I'm not sure I will be able to fit all of these hikes into the summer of 2018.  So this bucket list will very likely stretch into Summer 2019 just so I can avoid general stress... Continue Reading →

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Big Updates

Hello everyone, yet another big update from your gal. Long-story short: Dillon and I broke up in June, and I have moved out to my own place with just Jellybean. I still reside in Capitol Hill and we are okay - it was an amicable break-up. We simply developed into different people over the course... Continue Reading →

Forest to Swamp to Stump

I recently got to work with a fun conceptual photographer, Kathryn of skvarla_photography! We went to a small mountain south of Seattle for the location, and I put together a fun forest-themed flower/fern crown for it. It was Kathryn’s idea to make the crown tall rather than wide as they have previously been and I... Continue Reading →

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