AirBnb in Port Angeles, WA with Zoë Burchard

Ooof okay, this post took me a minute to get together because I ran out of storage space for blog photos!! I will have to weigh out the option of purchasing on of WordPress’ or taking the time to condense old photos and reuploading them. I’ll probably go with the latter because that’s the free... Continue Reading →

Possibilities at Dawn

One of my dear friends, Zoë Burchard, and I spent a night in the town of Port Angeles, Washington. We snacked on fruit and cookies from the nearby Wal-Mart, flipped through Interview magazine issues (one of the coolest magazines to browse, in my humble opinion), and basically had a sleepover! The next morning, we got... Continue Reading →

Tulip Town in Skagit Valley

We took this visit the same day we did Diablo Lake Overlook! Sight sidetrack from our way back to Seattle, but a planned one at that. The tulips here are so vibrant, and they also sell seeds and plants that are local to the Pacific Northwest. Super nice for those looking to expand their outdoor... Continue Reading →

Camping at Lake Crescent

Recently, Dillon and I went camping at Lake Crescent, south of Port Angeles on the Olympic Peninsula. We pitched a tent at the Fairholme Campground, went swimming in the lake, climb some trees, and did the hike to Marymere Falls! We were originally planning to do the Storm King hike, but I felt a little... Continue Reading →

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