Check-In and Update!

Hey everyone! It’s been a little while since my last blog post. I was really hoping to post more for April, but work got a bit busy and I had some personal events that made me less motivated to make a blog post. I’ll talk about one event now, and the other one later. So... Continue Reading →

2021 Resolutions Update #1

I'm going to be periodically updating the blog with resolution updates, to keep myself accountable and to provide realistic updates to my goals. So let's start with a recap of what my resolutions were! You can view the post here in its entirety, but I will summarize below too. Make a $10,000 dent in debtsI... Continue Reading →

Resolutions for 2021

That's right, this is a new year's resolutions post from yours truly! I'm also featuring photos taken by Olympic Penninsula photographer, Brittany Brenske! Her photography is among my favorites! I hope you enjoy reading my resolutions and seeing these photos!   1. Make a $10,000 dent in debtsThis is the first time ever that I... Continue Reading →

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